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Feature Film Excel Entertainment (Mumbai)

Paul Rowan is a UK based Designer, with an emphasis on Film and TV Production Design and Digital output. 


Paul worked with and was trained by some of the most respected Television Professionals in the country during his 20 years at Granada Television.


Paul co founded Red Frog Digital, a media production company. As Creative Director he was responsible for the creative output. As well as working as Production Designer for Film and TV, he produced and directed the companies media content and

oversaw VFX content.

This diverse career path has led to

a unique and diverse skill set.

Paul is now working exclusively in 

Production Design. He has

extensive experience in Period

and Contemporary Drama

Production. He comes with a strong foundation in traditional design

skills and techniques whilst

embracing the latest technology. Hands on experience in VFX and CGI. Work both in the UK and abroad.

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Paul runs his own training courses for budding Art Directors. Designed for Art Dept crew with a minimum of 4 years working on set who want to make the jump to Art Directing

See the training website for more details

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